A Letter about a Carnival Party

21 West Street,

Floriana FRN1460

26th March 2010

Hi Andy. How are you and your family? I am fine thanks and my family too. Today I am going to tell you about a carnival party that I have attended.

My classmate had invited me to a carnival party. My friends were all there wearing their costumes. There were many differnt types of costumes. One of my friends was wearing that of a spider princess. It was the nicest costume that attracted most. She was so lovely in her black dress full of spider holes. There was a rocker that I could hardly recognise who she was. She was so well dressed in her costume that none could tell that she was Caroline, my best friend.

I didn’t know what to wear for this party, so my mother bought me a lovely princess costume. All my friends loved my costume, I looked so cute in it.

At this party there were many games. We played musical chairs, statue game and many others. We all love music and so my friend played music while we danced and enjoyed ourselves a lot. It was such a lovely afternoon that everyone was so happy together.

We ate delicious sanwiches and cakes that my friend’s mum had prepared for us.

When you’re having fun time passes very quickly and we did not know that it was time to go back home. We were tired but very happy. We thanked our friend and went home.

I hope to hear from you soon.




By Michela Galeamard111

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